Sunday, December 9, 2007

Samson S•equalizer

The home studio owner on a budget typically faces two simultaneous challenges: Not much space, and even less money. That's where tools like the Samson S•equalizer can really save the day.

This little marvel, which retails for around fifty bucks from pro audio retailers such as Sweetwater, is perfect for tasks such as subtle tailoring of a small near-field monitoring system. I recently found myself in need of a good stereo equalizer after upgrading my studio monitors to a set of used ported JBLs that turned out to have a pronounced boom in the upper bass region around 160 Hz.

The S•equalizer easily solved that problem, and sounds (to my ears at least) acoustically transparent. It's also sturdy and well-made, and comes with a quite decent manual. What more can you ask for fifty bucks?