Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival

Crucible Fire Arts Festival
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Fire aficionados, Victorian steampunk revivalists, and Burning Man enthusiasts had their very own playground in West Oakland this weekend during The Crucible's 8th Annual Fire Arts Festival. A fundraising event for the nonprofit arts collective, the Fire Arts Festival "celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast."

My favorites were the Fire Vortex, two different Tesla coils, a 1920 Steam Traction Engine, several neon light displays -- and numerous fire-breathing sculptures and contraptions that defied description.

Expecting photography to be off-limits, I had unfortunately left my good camera at home. Once it became clear that it was perfectly okay to take pictures, I pulled out my Palm Treo cameraphone and started taking still and moving images; check out the slide show (above) and video (below) for the results. Despite the Treo's low image resolution and poor light sensitivity (or perhaps because of it), I think I was able to capture the trippy ambiance of the event. Enjoy.

Soundtrack to video: "Little Dream In Turquoise" from the album "Traces" by Erik Wøllo.